2300 words or so today. It was a major breakthrough when I figured out what that little yellow note said. It is so much fun to watch my characters develop out of thin air. For anyone who has ever considered writing a novel, this is such a fun way to do it. I am amazed at how it is just happening. All of the things I have read about the process of writing are echoing in my mind. Especially Anne Lamott’s assertion that “plot grows out of character.” What better way to test that than scrambling together a novel plot in a month.

In other notes, I seem to be developing Blogger’s Arm. Let’s hope it doesn’t develop into a real RSI injury.

(This could also be a result of a rather unscheduled fall I took this weekend, attempting to walk to my car. I am starting to truly believe my assertion that I am a klutz. I never really wanted to, but this, well. The giant purple bruise on my knee speaks for itself).