This year, I discovered something.  This is my inspiration season.  My creative season.  For the past three years, February has been the month where I have done the most blogging.  Where I have felt the most inspired, and where I have made huge decisions to do new and exciting things.

As Spring approaches, my mind seems to need to bloom.  I want to blossom, create and dive into something with both feet.  Three years ago, it was this blog.  And the writing of my first novel.  The next, it was the purchase and building of a brand new business, in partnership with my husband.  Last year at this time, I was preparing for my third child, and making a bold decision to move to a new home and community.

This year is all about inspired living.

For me this means:

1. Writing.  Something magical happens when I record and reflect on my life.  I see things in a new way, and express myself more readily. And I find clarity.

2. Homesteading. I hope you’ll see me writing a lot about self-sufficiency and sustainable living this year.  Two over-used words, that, nevertheless, hold so much value for me. I am really excited about where this will take me.

3. Creativity. I want to flourish creatively this year. Explore new skills, and build on old ones. Writing. Photography. Carving and needle-felting. To name a few.

4. Gratitude. Follow me as I record my thanks in pictures throughout the year with “Everyday Beauty.” I want to make gratitude a habit. And train my eye and heart to see the blessings all around me.

5. Dreaming. My goal this year is to be filled with inspiration. To find beauty and wonder in life, and to move towards my dreams.

What will blossom this year?  I hope it will be something just as powerful, exciting and liberating as the last.

Time to spring ahead.