One of the most exciting things in my life right now is my new camera!  I finally joined the digital photography age, and got my first Digital SLR camera this Christmas.  I so missed  being able to take photos manually, with a camera that allowed me to set the aperture and other settings.  I now feel sorry for my son, Dylan, who only has mediocre photos of himself as a baby. Sylvie, if I can help it, should have some real stunners!

I have dabbled in photography for a long time.  My undergraduate degree is in film production and studies, and during that time I studied the elements of framing shots to tell a story and convey meaning. I took photography classes in university, and learned about developing in darkrooms (I process which I love).  But, when the digital age hit, I guess I was a step behind.  My point and shoot was not cutting it.  So, now I feel as though I have finally arrived (well, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but I do feel good).

And so, in honour of my new camera, I have made myself a promise to take photos everyday.  Partly, to see all that is beautiful in life, and partly for practice, practice, practice.  I have dreams of a little home studio, and am excited about reconnecting with the art of photography.  I started off wanting to take beautiful photos of my kids, but now that I am on a role who knows how far I might go?

Yesterday, while flitting around the web, I landed on a great site.  MCP Actions is a company that sells photoshop presets for your photos – to make them look really pretty.  They have a weekly photo challenge, and I thought, “Perfect!  A challenge I can handle.”  You submit one photo a week, and they even give you handy little themes to follow.

So I have a new banner on my blog and a new commitment.  I’ll be posting my weekly photo on my blog, so you can all see how truly lovely it is.