I’ll describe this week as disjointed.  Up and down, sky high and low, low.  What a funny collection of tired and exhilarated I felt.

Who knows why?  But my rhythm was a bit off.  Perhaps it was as result of the cold working it’s way through my family.  And, yet, there were highlights.

Like a perfect picnic under February sun.

My children frolicked, as only children can.

And I got up to collecting the many moments and gifts of the day.

Picnic blankets on a solitary beach.

A 4-year-old photographer.

“Lion-head” trees in winter.

A sun-kissed baby.

Discarded boots.

Eyes that look deep.

Bare feet in February.

What was I lamenting?

I certainly can’t recall.

Blown away in the face of all these blessings.