First off, I am at the conclusion of a wonderful day.

I spent the day with my children, enjoying the Canada Day celebrations in our town (happy birthday, Canada!).  For some reason, I felt centred today.  Relaxed and able to embrace things like dawdling (and having to carry my 3 year old around), making lunch (actually enjoying the down time of preparing a healthy meal for my family) and having no particular purpose or goals for our time (outside of enjoying ourselves).  Me at my best.  And (surprise, I know) I got my son at his best this way, too.  I can’t really recall, but I’m going to say it was a day without tantrums.

My last post was about re-focusing on my goals.  After all, tracking my goals is one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place.  So, to follow up, I took a look at the goals I have set for myself since the new year:

1. Create a creative space (a place in my home where I can feel inspired and do good creative work)

2. Daily tea ritual (enjoy a cup of tea, centre myself, and remind myself of what really matters, daily)

3. Carve out an hour a day for myself (most often I seem to use this to blog, or read)

4. Focus more on self-care (to stave off “dead-eyed Mom” syndrome)

5. Write poetry (an ode to my high school self)

6. Contribute to MCP Project 52 (in a effort to practice photography on a weekly basis)

7. Write a novel (in a month)

8. Start (and, presumably, continue) running (Hmm… maybe there’s a loophole here)

9. Write at night (after the kids are in bed – the only sane moment of my blissfully chaotic days)

10. Early to bed, early to rise (okay, I only flirted with this one, but darn if it doesn’t keep rearing it’s ugly head)

11. Write a guide for Canadian homeschoolers (a goal that has grown and morphed, but remains)

12. Chart my journey with the earth (as in, create greener habits, and keep track of my progress)

13. Embrace thrift (buy less, play more!)

14. Become a professional mom (but remain constantly learning)

15. Start a family nature club

16. (I think this is my favourite one) Remember to be constantly amazed!

Which brings me back to (do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti…)… my wonderful day.

I think I did it today – I remained constantly amazed.  I loved watching my kids interact with the world today.  I was present, and I so enjoyed their company.  For themselves.  As distinct and beautiful beings.  And, in doing so, I enjoyed myself so much more.

I recall, when starting out on this blog, that I wanted to live a life that followed both whims and passions.  Re-reading my goals for the year, I think I have happened upon just that.  I have delved into things I had only dabbled into before (nature appreciation, homeschooling, writing, personal health).  These whims have morphed into passions, and intersect in the most remarkable ways.

So, for the rest of the year, I will focus on those stated goals and habits I feel compelled to work on.  But, I will also remain open to new whims.  Because I couldn’t have predicted what life has thrown at me so far this year, and I don’t think I would have wanted to.  There has been so much wonder and beauty in the discovery.

And now for a (short) book recommendation.  Read Toot & Puddle: On Top of the World, by Holly Hobbie, and love how the random whims of these two pigs lead them to Nepal.  I hope to be so open to life’s adventures – both little and large.

And so.  How does goal-setting work for you?  Do you have an encouraging story of whims and passions to share?