Today was Earth Day, and I spent the day outside!

I woke up with my family, and read “earthy” stories to my son.  We read a book called Protect Nature, and a Spot book about going to the park.  We talked about recycling, saving water and protecting animals.  It was great.  My son is three.  I am so happy to be able to share in his ever-present love of nature.  I’m sure he teaches me so much more than I teach him.

This year, for Earth Day, I thought a lot about the earth.  How I care about the earth, and what that looks like in my life. I  have been thinking a lot lately about consciously trying to green my life.  More than I already have.  Be more deliberate.  Make it a priority.  Sure, I buy organic.  I shop local when I can.  I recycle with gusto.  And I am careful about what products I buy, and their impact on the earth.  But, there are so many things I don’t do.  So much more I could do.  And not just huge things, but little things, too.

For Earth Day, I pledge to be more Earthy.  Be more conscience of my ecological footprint.  Be more proactive, and make better choices.

I was at the mall this week.  On this particular day, I was especially struck by our consumer culture.  I am always mildly struck.  But, this time, it really hit home.  I looked around, and truly didn’t want anything.  Sure, there were a few things that would have been nice, but I didn’t feel that tug of want I sometimes get.  And, I realized, I am starting to embrace thrift.

What does that mean?  Embracing thrift.  Well, on the one hand, maybe it means I’m poor (I wouldn’t really argue with that).  But, I like to think it means that I am simplifying. Paring down, and learning to love experience, rather than excess.  Learning to cherish those outside days.  Playing in the park with my children.  Watching my son dig in the sand.  My daughter feel the sand for the first time.  Feeling the breeze against our faces, and taking in the beauty of the trees and their leaves blowing in the wind.

These experiences will serve us well.  We are cherishing, rather than consuming.  Stopping to smell the roses growing, rather than buying them from a flower stand.  Embracing thrift is about making smart consumer choices.  Buying used.  Or not buying at all.  But, it is also about making smart choices with our time.

For Earth Day,  I vow to buy less, and play more.

The Earth flag is not an official flag, since ...

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I’ve also decided to chart my journey with the earth this year, in an effort to take more conscious action.  Starting with April 22nd.  Stay tuned.