A few weeks ago I started reading, The Creativity Book, by Eric Maisel.  It is a step-by-step weekly guide to bringing out your own creative potential, and helping you work on a specific creative goal throughout the year.  So far, I am really enjoying it, and I have already attempted to create a few habits based on its suggestions:

  • Make sure to carve out an hour each day for yourself, and your creative pursuits (usually at night after the kids are in bed).
  • Take a few moments every morning to drink a cup of tea, sit and think of/repeat a dream you’ve always wanted to accomplish  (Currently: “I have always wanted to write”)
  • Make space in your home & your bookshelf for your creative projects

Okay, and it’s the last one that has been the most challenging.  I never have trouble with the bookshelf, as it is always littered with way too many books that I am trying to read simultaneously.  All of which, in some way, are influencing my journey towards my dreams.  But the workspace is another story.  I am supposed to find a space in which I want to sit and, well, muse.

So, looking around my house I found a tiny corner of the couch.  It’s covered in cat hair and littered with toys most of the time, but it’s there.  And, if I’m careful, some mornings I even avoid the cat puke on my way there.  It isn’t much, but there is a nice lamp beside me, and there is space for my notebook on the coffee table.  I am starting to find it enjoyable, because of the reading and thinking that goes on there.  I wouldn’t say it is sacred, but it will do for now.

I have dreams of converting our garage of horrors into a useable space, and then a photography studio.  A personal goal for another post.  And when I do, because I am now bound to accomplish the things I write about here, or be shamed by my readers (see how that motivates me!), I will take some nifty before and after photos and post them, too.  Yes, I just used the word nifty.  Sorry about that.

So, for anyone reading this who has a creative space they love (or some tips for creating an impromptu studio in a garage!), I’d love to hear about it.

And anyone following my 30-day novel challenge: 4500 words and counting.  I added a cool 2000 words today, but got stuck on a yellow sticky note.  What will it say?!