Connecting With Our Place

by | Jul 6, 2015 | 1 comment

I believe there is something deep inside us that desperately wants to connect with place. The natural world speaks to us and pulls us to be in communion with it. We are, after all, an integrated part of this world.

I also believe we each have a place that speaks to our soul. A place that has touched us in a special and significant way.  Perhaps at a pivotal point in our life, or as a slow love affair throughout it. For many it’s the place we were born. For others, a place we visited often as a child.

My place spoke to me as a young adult. It sparked my heart and changed my life.

My place is where I met my husband (although I didn’t know that at the time).

My place is where I first slept out under the stars.

My place is where the waves lap the shore and still my soul.

My place lifts my heart and speaks to me in my dreams.

The pounding of rain. The feel of the ocean breeze. The wet smell of a living forest.  The slapping of whales on the water. The trill of songbirds. These sense memories speak to the very fibre of my being.

Those who dwell … among the beauties of the earth are never alone or weary in life.

– Rachel Carson

I believe we have a duty to listen to these places. To do everything in our power to let them speak to us. Because it is our places that will help us save the earth.

It is our places that inspire. That open up all that is possible within our souls. They invite us into a love affair with the natural world. Prompting us to memorize every detail of their exquisite faces. Listening to the seasons, the movement of their passing moods, the relationship of each of the stunning species that call them home.

We understand that we are a part of these places. And we will do everything we can to preserve them.

Because these are the places that we call home.