I have started a new project.  Recently, I have been doing an extensive amount of research on homeschooling, to see if it is something that I would like to do with my children.  The more I read and hear, the more I like it.  I am a bit of an idealist, and it sounds so wonderful to me.  Taking the learning journey with my children, and helping them make the most of their lives.  This, of course, can be done in a number of different ways.  Homeschooling being just one of those.

Through all of this research, I have discovered a few things.  There are a pile of other people out there doing the same thing.  Wondering and researching the same things.  And, that there is relatively (in comparison to what is available for Americans – much of which is still applicable here) little information out there specific to Canadian homeschooling parents. Less for Canadians who are considering homeschooling.

So, I have taken on a new project.  I have decided to compile what I am finding into a homeschool Q&A for curious Canadian families.  To save others the work of doing all of this research (which I, as a librarian, love, but others might find frustrating and tedious).  Making resource guides, after all, is what librarians do.

I don’t know what the final product will look like.  I am starting with the concept of a short e-book.  I am looking at homeschooling from the perspective of a prospective parent to prospective families, so the end result might be a bit different from what’s already out there.  Or at least, a neat and tidy starting point.

I can see the project becoming huge, but, for now, I am just working with what I already know, and what I have found.  It is my way of keeping in touch with my academic roots.  It feels like I am writing an academic paper all over again.  Which is really exciting.  (Sorry if that sounds lame to some of you).

I guess you could say I am already homeschooling my 3 year old, as he has yet to go to preschool (if at all, the jury’s still out).  We do so much home learning that it’s hard to call it anything else.  As I imagine most families with kids under 5 do (but that’s the topic of another post).

Any Canadians out there with ideas, thoughts or resources they love, please let me know.  If you’re not Canadian, but you’re a homeschooler, your thoughts would be much appreciated as well.  Or favourite blogs.  Of which I am discovering new ones everyday.  There are so many interesting, intelligent, inspiring homeschooling families out there.

So, another exciting venture for me.  Following those whims and passions sure is keeping me busy these days.