Open book

It is official.  I am a novelist.  I am a novelist.  I’d like to repeat that again, but I wouldn’t want to sound pompous.

Not that I am.  Not at all.  But, I DID IT!

30 days ago, I wrote about my challenge.  30 days, 50,000 words.  Boo-ya!  (A ridiculous expression, that I will try never to use again, but just seems fitting).

Today I wrote that last sentence.  50,013 words.  I’ll be honest and say those last 400 words were the hardest.  I may have added in a few extraneous sentences at the end.  Just saying. And, if I’m being honest, I had written 2500 words before I posted about my challenge.  So, it took me a little longer than 30 days.

But, this is what I have accomplished:

  • I, Kelly Woods, have written a novel.
  • From the day I decided to go for it, for real, on February 12th, it took me 30 days to finish
  • For 30 days, I wrote every day, no less than 1600 words, save 1 day, when I wrote 500, and one day I took off
  • I have rediscovered my love of writing

Once I have time to decompress, I’ll have to reflect on what I have learned through this journey.  One thing I know, I have eaten a lot of chocolate this month.  Another thing, my husband has been feeling pretty ignored.

Finally, if I may be so bold, I think I will (unapologetically) start calling myself a writer.