Waking Up to Spring

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I can hardly believe it is spring. Some days I am so giddy with the discoveries: the return of the robins, daffodils in the lawn, tree buds where there were none. Today, it was plum blossoms! We ventured out to the orchard, and there were the trees, alight with new blossoms that weren’t there the day before.

I always love winter. It’s my cozy, dreaming, cup-of-tea season. I do my serious thinking and feeling in winter. But, this year, spring feels just like magic!

The garden is sprouting everywhere. A wander, and we find new leaves on the roses, and curls of rhubarb working their way to the surface. A listen, and we hear new songs that the birds weren’t singing the last time we stopped to listen. The air feels fresh – and warm!

Living here, on Gambier, and connecting so deeply with place, has truly awakened us to the magic of the seasons. Seeing the same spaces day after day is entirely different than it is in the city. In nature, things hardly stay the same for two days in a row. The changes are almost imperceptible, but over a season, a slow and beautiful magic works its way over the land. Everyday I fall just a bit more in love with this place, and I see how my farming ancestors must have felt such a tie to their places, too.  With nature, it seems, familiarity breeds wonder.

I can hardly wait to get grubby in the garden this week, and pour a bit of my love into this ever-changing place. After a winter of exhaling, and giving mind and body rest, I feel ready to inhale the sights, sounds and buzzing activity of spring.

Welcome robins. Welcome bees. Welcome blossoms. Welcome spring.

With warmth,


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In my enthusiasm, I have also put forth a flurry of library requests for my favourite garden books. Seasonal treasures that I rediscover every year. Picking them up and pouring through them is like Christmas (or perhaps an Easter gift?). If you have any gems to recommend, please do share!