As I navigate the complicated waters of writing a novel in 30 days (to victory!), I have happened upon a rather interesting phenomenon.  The hijack.

My process, thus far, has been pretty free-flowing.  I started with a character.  I gave her a setting.  I set the clock, and said go.  I quickly gave her a conflict (as all good protagonists must have) in the death of her husband.  Then, I let her fly.

Something approximating the setting


A part of me thought I’d be in control.  A fairly major part.  After all, I am the writer, am I not?  Well, it turns out, that she’s got me beat.  Top pair, ace high.  Whatever it is, it beats my 2, 7 off-suit.

The other day I was writing a scene.  She is talking to an older man, dying of lung cancer (yes, you are right, there seems to be a lot of death in this novel – who knew?).  I am thinking, perfect, he is going to tell her about how he lost his wife (more death), and they’ll bond over this.  So, things are moving right along.  He even starts with something like, “the day my wife died…”  And then, somehow, the two are laughing about a woman falling over while acting like a duck.  Laughing hysterically, and yelling at the sky.

I give up trying to tell his story.  I now have to find a new way to fit it in.  Or not.  I guess that depends on the characters.  Because, another thing.  I seem to be developing some sort of love subplot.  Unintended.  Between two characters with a twenty year age gap (not the two aforementioned ones, just so you know).  I don’t know if it will be requited or not.  I’m now smart enough to just wait and see.

Did I mention that I’m halfway there?!  26,000 words and counting.  I should also mention that I may have to adjust my timeline… I really want to write my novel in 30 days.  And I will.  That is, if I don’t count the days that I didn’t write.  Now, I should also say that these days happened in the beginning.  Before I became a seasoned pro.  1600 words a day is easy.  When you’re behind, 3000 is not so easy.  So we’ll see.

However, when I do reach 50,000 words, you bet I’ll be proud.  And you bet I’ll be surprised.  Because the way things are going, I have no idea what is going to happen next…