Spring was everywhere today.  The sun was shining.  The flowers were blooming.  Smiles were on all of our faces.

I took photographs.


Harvested edible herbs.


Built a compost bin.


Spent some quality time with my eldest son.


I can’t tell you how exciting it was to finally get our compost bin set up.  I’ve been planning it for almost a year, but was trying to figure out a way to make it bear-proof.  Turns out there isn’t a way… However, I did come across some pretty great tips on doing  your best with compost to make it a neutral for bears. Turns out a very small percentage of human encounters with bears have to do with compost. So, we’ve decided to go ahead and give it a go (placing the compost bin nicely away from the house, just in case).  The best thing is, we were able to use old palettes that we had from our workplace – and never had a use for (which, after consulting Pinterest, it turns out there are so many uses for!).

The other thing I am so incredibly pleased with, is the chickweed we found in our yard.  We got an e-newsletter from LearningHerbs, the creators of the boardgame, Wildcraft, today (which we love).  They are introducing their Herb Fairies book series, and shared some information on the herb, chickweed.  It was just what we needed today.  I had my son to myself for a few hours this morning, and we spent the morning learning all about this wonderful, healing herb.  Then, as promised, we found some in our yard! Lastly, we grilled up some chickweed grilled cheese sandwiches from their recipe – on my new cast iron grill pan! Yum!


For years, I have been wanting to learn more about edible herbs, and wild plants. For years, I’ve been wanting to compost. Sometimes working on small goals can feel so huge!

Hurray for effortless, nourishing, wonder-filled days!