I have long had a fascination with birders.  There is something lovely about spending your days learning about birds, and stealthily trying to find them in the quietest of places.  I suspect there is a lot of waiting involved in this particular hobby.  And maybe disappointments.  But, I imagine time spent in nature, just waiting and watching, to be restorative and satisfying, too.  Plus, I do love birds.  The magic of their flight.  Their sweet little hops, and their beautiful songs.  There is something so sweet about watching a chickadee at work, hopping about looking for crumbs at a coffee shop, or flitting from tree to tree.  Living in BC, I also get to spy the occasional bald eagle soaring through the sky, or surveying me from the heights of an evergreen.  They truly are majestic birds.

Last week, I went birding.  Okay, not really.  But, when we stopped for a picnic lunch, I got out the camera and snapped.  I didn’t capture any rare species, but I did take a minute to notice the creatures before me.  And it was lovely.  The photos warm my heart.  And perhaps yours, too.

Hope you enjoy my feel-good post of the week.


Just found this.  It seems to speak to something about the joy of being a birder.