I have been thinking today about positivity.  Thinking and being a positive person.  I spent the day feeling low.  Down and void of energy.  And I started to wonder how much of it was related to my post yesterday.  Here I am, living in the suburbs, which I have just declared I hate.  How satisfying are my days going to be if this is my attitude?  Constantly looking for escape. Secretly wishing I could go and hide away in the wilderness, living in a yurt (which, albeit, would be awesome).

Instead, I think I will make the best of things.  After all, that is why I started this blog.  To chart my progress in accomplishing my goals.  Dream big, and go for it.  Maybe, today, I was coming down from the high of finishing my novel.  Whatever it was, I think tomorrow I will do better.  Keep that negative voice in check, and power on.

Thinking of this, I have decided to take my friend’s advice, and take the Couch to 5 K Challenge.  It’s a fitness challenge that takes you from the couch to running 5 kilometres in 9 weeks. It scares me.  Immensely.  I have never enjoyed distance running, although I used to love sprinting.  However, what scares me even more is the sedentary beast I have become these days. Being the parent of two young children, sure I am constantly moving.  Hardly ever really sit.  But, I hardly ever really move either.  Get my heart racing.  And when I do, I usually regret it. So, it’s time to put a stop to this.

I’m thinking regular exercise is going to fuel my mind and body.  Energize me for what is to come.  Whatever that happens to be.  So, yes, I’m pretty excited.  And, because I just did the unthinkable and wrote a novel in 30 days, I’m thinking I can do this, too.  Now that I’ve confessed it to you.  And now that I’ve set my mind to it.

Because I only have one life, and I intend to make the most of it.

Lastly, since this blog is also about the books I read, and how they are changing me:

Not long ago, I read a fantastic book, Born to Run by Christopher McDougall.  If you’ve ever been interested in running, you should read it.  If you haven’t already.  I never had any interest in running (actually, was a professed hater of running), but after reading that book, I found myself really wanting to run.  Even fantasizing about being an ultra-runner (which is nuts, but admirable, too).  It has some pretty amazing stories and facts on our bodies, and what we are capable of.